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Vintage Transport Posters Puzzle

1000 Piece Jigsaw puzzle  Dimensions- 26.7"x18.8" A collage of different vintage transport posters

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Sold Out

Guillows Bullseye

This biplane has 2 wings for twice the fun.  Double wings held up by strong plastic wing holders and bright SuperHero graphics.  This biplane is a great flyer and has...


Hot Wings-Red Baron

plastic plane toy  wheels move  not a pullback plane 


Guillows Super Hero Twin Pack

Two wooden guillows gliders  one a colorful red, the other a colorful blue 


Guillows Jet Stream

A 13 1/4" wing span motorplane that flies hand launches or right off the ground. Colorfully printed wing, canopy, and tail surfaces. Formed wire landing gear, plastic propeller and nose...



plastic model of the green Sopwith Camel  with screws 8 years old and up