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60th Anniversary Patch

Diamond shape 60th Anniv. patch  

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Sold Out

Jenny Patch

We have commissioned this patch in celebration of the Curtiss Jenny's 100th anniversary.

From $15.00

Pin- Lantern Press

silver or black border around pin  Spad, 2 Fokker, Triplane, and Spirit on the ground  Spirit on ground photo ©Royal Ricci  Photo credit © Philip Makanna/ Ghosts 


Keychain Lantern Press

plastic keychain  Spirit on the ground, Spad, 2 Fokkers, Triplane, Albatros, Spritin in flight, Albatros  Albatros photo © Mark Beaumont  Spirit on the ground photo © Royal Ricci  Spirit in flight photo © Tim Haggerty  All other photos ©...


ORA Small Bear

Stuffed aviator bear  with Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome on the flying scarf 


Cole Palen's Flying Circus DVD

Cole Palen's Flying Circus is a documentary about the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, its collection of unique planes and the cast of remarkable characters that surround it's founder. It's a film...


Car Pin

metal pin with Model T Speedster